Training and Development

Training and Development

Companies that prioritise organisational development, in particular, creating opportunities for staff to develop their skills and experience, experience staff loyalty, company pride and commitment.

At Karina Butera Consulting, our mission is to help those companies who invest in their people through the provision of high quality, relevant and inspiring training and development experiences. Whether a one off workshop or an entire learning and development program, we make it our priority to make every training experience unique and memorable.

In order to guarantee this, we work closely with our clients to understand the specific needs and goals of the job, and the culture of the group requiring training. We go to great lengths to ensure all education levels and adult learning styles are catered for in our programs. Our philosophy is to create well-paced, interactive and adaptable workshop and program plans, and our facilitators are masters of managing group dynamics to ensure the experience is enjoyed by all.

Tailored program descriptions and workshop outlines are provided in this part of our website to give you more than just a taste of what we can offer.

There is much we can offer, so perhaps the easiest first step for you to make is to simply contact us to arrange a complimentary training needs analysis.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

The key to success of your organisation lay within your organisation. Using an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) framework, we can help you identify and leverage off your unique organisational strengths.

Drawing on the principles of Positive Psychology, an Appreciative Inquiry is an ideal starting point for strategic planning in developing a Strengths-based Organisation.

Developing your team

How well are your people operating as a team? Do they work together to achieve company objectives or do they work as disconnected individuals?

When teams do not relate well and operate as a whole, there is little knowledge sharing and meaningful communication. Ultimately the results suffer as do customer relationships.

Corporate Culture Change

Organisations get stale in a similar way to personal relationships. Unless there is growth, positive challenge, freedom and achievement, any workplace culture is eventually going to become complacent, monotonous and staid.

If your workplace could do with an injection of energy, creativity and enthusiasm, Karina Butera Consulting can come to your aid.

Ready to Deliver

At Karina Butera Consulting, we have identified these areas through popular demand and developed a range of pre-prepared programs and workshops to offer our clients.

Our workshops and programs are all written, developed and tested by Dr Butera or one of her key associates. They are all interactive, practical and designed to peak curiosity, be relevant and inspire immediate positive action.

COPE™ Time Management

The COPE workshop aims to transform participants' experience of time. We start from the premise that there is no such thing as "lack of time". What we do lack is the ability to "cope" with the demands of daily life – this gives the perception that there is never enough time.

By the end of the workshop participants will be better equipped to utilise time as a powerful resource in achieving the outcomes they require in the work place.

Managing Workplace Diversity

Dr Butera has developed a modulised program that can be tailored to your workplace's diversity needs. The overall goal is to unpack the reality of coping with difference each day at work.

If bullying claims are high in your organisation, there are high levels of conflict or noticeable segregation occurring, it could very well be because diversity training is needed. Coupled with team and resilience building sessions, this is a particularly effective and transforming program.