Seminars and Presentations

Seminars and Presentations

What message are you trying to get across your organisation? Do you want to inspire greater accountability, creativity, optimism, teamwork or customer focus? We will get the message across with professionalism and impact.


Developing optimism

All the research tells us that optimism is a key determinant in success and health. Yet, how do you build an optimistic outlook if you were not born with an optimistic disposition?

This seminar shares the secrets of how to maintain optimism even in the most difficult of times and around the most pessimistic people. It dispels the myths surrounding optimism and provides tips on creating more positive and creative energy within your workplace.

Emotional Intelligence

In business, having well developed emotional intelligence in leadership teams leads to greater productivity, motivation and commitment from employees, and ultimately improved performance.

If your leadership team need a little convincing about the merits of developing a corporate strengths-based culture, this presentation will provide them with the research data, case studies and methodology underpinning this highly successful talent development and retention strategy.

Strengths-Based Approach

Today’s most productive and energised workplaces are working smarter by taking a strengths-based approach to managing and developing their people.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder will lead you to recognising your greatest individual strengths and areas of highest development potential. The point is to focus on what strengths make you unique.

Building Loyal Relationships

There are some relationships that start with great energy and potential, yet a few years later have totally disintegrated. Other relationships build over time and there is a strong bond and sense of mutual appreciation and commitment between the two parties.

In this presentation, we will speak specifically to the needs of the audience, helping them concentration on the four crucial elements of building loyalty in relationships.

Empowering your workforce

Do you find yourself frustrated, wondering why your employees seem to sit around waiting for instructions; needing validation on every decision and not showing any initiative whatsoever?

In this presentation we explore the reasons why empowered people are more productive, loyal and committed employees. We then share five valuable tips on how to create a more empowered workforce.

Motivating Employee Engagement

Any excitement and energy tends to centre around the best joke of the day, banter about football teams or whispers of the latest in-house gossip. Rarely do people get excited about projects, goals and tasks.

In this presentation we will help you explore why most employees in large and small businesses struggle to maintain a sense of personal care about the work they carry out. Most importantly, we share the three crucial ingredients to increasing intrinsic motivation and interest in corporate objectives.