Executive & Corporate Coaching

Executive and Corporate Coaching

Professional coaching is proven to be one of the most effective ways of creating change and driving improvement. It enables you to focus, be challenged and brainstorm on matters of the most relevance to your own learning and development objectives.


Coaching Senior Executives

Executive leadership teams are the limbs of an organisation. We are able to assist your senior executives in facilitating strategic planning sessions, problem solving and conflict management within their own teams.

An excellent way to ensure your executives are giving wise consideration is to provide them with an Executive Coach. We help top people maintain a sense of clarity, calmness and open-mindedness to gain strategic strength and growth for the organisation.

Leadership Coaching

What are you doing to train up and retain new leaders in your organisation? The goal of every CEO should not to be simply to lead a company but to build a company of leaders. Developing leadership at all levels of an organisation is a key to success.

Leadership coaching is a professional development tool that assists your high performers to perfect their strengths, rise to their full potential and gain the sense of poise, approachability and confidence required to foster trust in teams.

Coaching your Key Personnel

We know them when we see them, those diamonds in the rough often unaware of their potential. As business leaders - "how do we retain, harness and develop this high potential employee?"

Engaging a professional coach to work with your key personnel is one strategy that is proven to be a powerful tool in building loyalty and profiting from the innovation and creativity in your talent pool.

Management Coaching

Managers are often the "meat in the sandwich" between executive leadership teams and workers. They must be prepared to deliver messages and work for outcomes that sometimes they do not necessarily understand or fully agree with.

Keeping teams on target and motivated is a core competency area of managers, and we will assist them to understand personalities, manage with diplomacy and respect, and develop high functioning and productive teams.

Group Coaching

Group coaching has become an ever-increasing corporate training and development solution since the early 1990s. It is based on the principles of professional coaching and can tackle both individual and group needs similtaneously.

Group coaching can be an excellent way to discuss team goals and dynamics, or to review progress on projects. When conducted on a regular basis with the same facilitator, it allows opportunities for greater levels of trust and openness to develop within teams, and for problems to be ‘nipped in the bud’ before they have time to become destructive.

Transition Coaching

Whenever we step out of a previous phase in life the transition period can be extremely daunting. This can create an incredible sense of insecurity and anxiety for many people.

In times of change, however, there is no need to struggle through alone. We can provide you with an experienced professional coach to help you make sense of your feelings, explore the possibilities of this new phase in your life, make wise decisions and contingencies and create a strategic plan to move swiftly, comfortably and confidently into the ideal next adventure.